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Looking for a web designer in Tenerife, British web designer Chris has 10 years experience in web design, SEO and business marketing. Getting your business noticed is our specialty


We have been building websites for 10 years. He discovered Wix 8 years ago and now offers nearly all local businesses, Wix, as a first option.

For ease of use, performance, and value. 
"Because of my experience, I offer the full package including marketing and SEO, video and Social media.
We do anything from plumbers to radio stations, nothing is a problem and we see all new websites as a fresh challenge. I specialise in local business websites for Expats English speaking, Translation to Spanish is available but at a extra cost.

My Reviews

Gwent radio - Review
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Reviewed 1 month ago by Gwent Radio
"Chris at Cardiff Media helped us transform our dream and radio station into what it is today. They were experienced enough to look at what we envisaged and help turn it into a reality while working
together as a team, we managed to create a radio brand we are now very proud of."


Design Products

All graphics and videos are created by us while including logo, web design, brand design and creation, and general marketing plan.

We also offer reputation management which is proving to be one of the most important aspects of online business in 2020.

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